If you are looking for a good, reliable and easy to use Golf GPS with affordable price, look no more, Callaway uPRO MX is the one that you are looking for. Get the big picture and big features for a small price with Callaway uPRO MX Golf GPS.The Callaway uPRO MX is the latest GPS unit from Callaway and it is by far their best effort yet. Perhaps the greatest feature of the MX may be the price. For less than $200 you receive probably the most accurate and feature filled Gps navigation units on the market today. The MX is pre-loaded with over 25,000 courses from Callaway’s global database and may be easily accessed in both basic and go-mode. The Callaway uPro MX GPS includes a touch-screen and it is about the size and weight of a modern mobile phone. The virtual green view displays distances to the green as well as the around areas.

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Order Now and Save $50This device also features a Pro Mode model where golfers can download hi-res aerial imagery of the course and giving players a handy fly-over feature to scope out the entire hole before teeing off. Basic mode and Go-mode are included with the purchase of the system however the performance of the Pro-Mode is available for an additional fee.Callaway uPro MX GPS ushers in a new standard in Golf GPS having a host of intuitive technological advancements, a large number of preloaded courses, with no annual fees.

Preloaded using more than 25,000 courses from our global database in Basic Mode and GoMode, you will gain a comfortable feel for various courses even before you play them. Quickly get precise distances whilst seeing the actual layout and image of the hole. A multi-gesture, color touch screen allows golfers to simply navigate these devices with the swipe of the finger. Golfers will love the incredible innovations such as a multi-gesture touchscreen for pinpoint accuracy, a concise profile that’s lighter than other GPS units and utlizes a convenient one-hand design, optical finger navigation for more precise navigation, and with upro mx gps AnyPoint technology which allows you to definitely measure to and from any location about the course right out of the box. Capabilities include Group Scorecard, Individual Statistics, and Club Shot Tracking.

A poprietary mapping process allows Callaway upro mx to map a large number of points on every golf hole, while an Omni-directional antenna coupled with state-of-the-art components maintains GPS lock even just in probably the most adverse conditions. A full-color 2.2 inch LCD screen is viewable even just in sunlight and also the Virtual Green View shows saving money and it is surrounding area in vivid detail with precise distances.Players may also buy the enhanced functionality of ProMode–which includes actual high-resolution aerial imagery of the courses and tour-style video flyovers–for an easy, one-time fee.

Callaway uPro MX Features:Best Golf GPS

* Preloaded with more than 25,000 courses in Basic mode and GoMode; ProMode downloads available
* Actual hi-res aerial imagery clearly shows the layout of every hole
* Gesture-based Touch-screen allowing for pinpoint accuracy
* Optical Finger Navigation for even more precise navigation on the device

Scoring Plus keeps an organization scorecard, notes stats, and records individual shot tracking.
* AnyPoint technology allows you to measure back and forth from any location around the course.
* Additional functionality, such as Group Scorecard, Individual statistics, and Club Shot Tracking, included
* Thinner and lighter than the leading competitor; will fit easily within your pocket
* Vivid color 2.2 inch LCD screen with two times the resolution
* Created for use in direct sunlight; transflective screen uses the sun’s light to illuminate the display.
ProMode features high-resolution aerial displays of the course and hole.

Callaway uPro MX Specifications:

* Battery: Rechargeable lithium ion
* Battery Life: 10-12 hours
* Course Capacity: 50 Courses
* Screen: 2.2 inches
* Resolution: 320 x 240 hi-res color screen
* Weight: 3.1 ounces

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